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Our prices include Fedex Ground shipping within the USA. Delivery in 4-10 days depending on availability of item and destination. All items are custom made to order. Some items are seasonal. We will notify you promptly if any item is not available. If we cannot fulfil your order your payment will be immediately refunded. Only ONE AVAILABLE of any item on display. 

The items shown in our Wreath Shop are exactly as they appear with the exact measurements, colors and description. By ordering any of them you are placing a non-refundable order once the item is shipped. Please note all orders are insured for shipping purposes.

We can customize any of these designs to suit you. That would be considered a custom order as well as anything that is not shown on our web pages that you may want us to create. 

Please contact us to custom order more than one wreath of the same type.

Custom orders are considered anything that is not shown which requires our design and creative collaboration with you. Customized orders whether for one or more items usually require more that 2 weeks to complete and ship.
To place a custom order please let us know:

a) How many of the items you wish to order

b) Your specific theme, idea, design requirements such as size, shape, colors, and anything else that is necessary to create your concept 
    of the perfect wreath or garland.

c) Please tell us when you expect delivery as well as the destination the order is to be shipped to so that we can accurately provide a price

Payment in full is required prior to starting the project. We communicate with you via email or (phone if necessary) to determine that we are on the right track and creating the masterpiece that you are hoping for. You will receive emailed photos of the design progress. You have to email us your final approval of the finished item. Your payment is fully refundable up until this point in the process, especially if the order is just for one item. If multiple items have been designed and created just for you, and you want to cancel, a portion of the paid amount equivalent to our estimate of the cost of supplies and decorations specially acquired to make the custom order will become nonrefundable, approximately 50 percent. 

Once approved in writing, the item(s) will be shipped. Once shipped the order is non-refundable. 

Your on-line payment will be processed by the company that services our transactions, which is 2checkout.com, a highly reputable and secure credit card processing company. Your may use any credit or debit card that 2checkout.com accepts to make the payment. Payments are calculated in US dollars. If you prefer to mail a check, please contact us directly prior to mailing your payment at [email protected].

All orders are insured for shipping purposes just in case of damage or loss of any kind by the shipping company.

Thank  you for visiting our web store. We do look forward to serving you.

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